Bozeman Lacrosse League. Boys and Girls Lacrosse Montana.

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Here are the positions available for the 2016/2017 season:

Bozeman Sports Park Foundation Board Member to represent Bozeman Lacrosse 1-2 representatives needed.
Responsibilities: Represent the sport of lacrosse and join the board of the Bozeman Sports Park Foundation. The board is an active participant in the design of the 80+ acre park and is committed to matching the Trails, Open Space and Parks Bond with a two million dollar philanthropic match. From the Bozeman Lacrosse League perspective, we would ask that this representative be an ambassador for the sport and our league. Bozeman Lacrosse would direct & recommend the interested individuals to the BSPF board and the BSPF would then review each candidate via a standard board vetting process. For more information please visit 
Bozeman Lacrosse Board Contact: Kristin VanDeWalle,
Estimated Time commitment: Unknown, but Bozeman Lacrosse would request updates of news and events that we could share with the Bozeman Lacrosse families.

Team Building Committee 4-6 committee members needed.
Responsibilities: Year-End Party Planning, Player Awards & Coach Packages
Board Liaison: Lynette Thompson,
Estimated time commitment: TBD by events and seasonal needs.
Jamboree & State Tournament Committee 4-6 committee members needed:
Responsibilities: Event Planning, Hospitality Plan for Visitors, Game Day Support including - Set-up & Clean-up, Vendor Coordination & Aid Station.  
Board Liaison: Gerri Lewis,
Time commitment: TBD by events and seasonal needs.
Fields Committee 2-3 team members needed.
Responsibilities: Set-up & tear down of fields, maintenance & seeding. Look at field opportunities for future.
Board Liaison: Larry Slate,
Time commitment: TBD by events and seasonal needs.
Equipment Committee 2-3 team members needed.
Responsibilities: Gear Swap coordination, annual shed cleaning, review needed equip/supplies, distribution of coaches gear and uniforms, game day equipment coordination, end of season uniform inventory.
Board Liaison: Mike Jarrett,
Time commitment: TBD by events and seasonal needs.
Fundraising Committee 2-4 committee members needed.
Responsibilities: Give Big planning, promotion, event & thank you letters. Plus other potential opportunities as committee develops.
Board Liaison: Jeanne Marie Callahan
Time commitment: Workshops begin early February through March, Planning & promotion through April and event & follow up in May. Estimate 2-4 hours per month

Thank you for your interest in taking an active role in our Bozeman Lacrosse League!