Bozeman Lacrosse League. Boys and Girls Lacrosse Montana.

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Bozeman Lacrosse is Gallatin Valley's first established organization dedicated to the game of Lacrosse since 2003. We strive to provide age appropriate instruction and  support for players of all ages and abilities with award winning coaches, invaluable parent volunteers, and dedicated board members.


For the past 14 years, our organization has provided well over 2,000 youth athletes with the technical skills needed to thrive as a player and grow as people. Our values of sportsmanship, integrity and overall health creates our foundation, we introduce to each player that walks onto our field. We believe that creating a community of confident, kind and active athletes is the key to success, which is why we dedicate our knowledge to our players. Watching your athlete grow as a member of the team and community brings our heart's joy, and pushes us to continue to be the premier league in our humble treasure state.


Bozeman Lacrosse is powered by the Gallatin Valley Lacrosse League, a 501(c)3 non-profit that manages organized youth lacrosse teams based in and around Bozeman, Montana.*

Bozeman Lacrosse is affiliated with the Montana Lacrosse Association and US Lacrosse.*


Bozeman Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls ages 7-18.  



Establish and grow lacrosse as a recognized and respected youth sport

in Bozeman and across Montana.


The Gallatin Valley Lacrosse (GVL) is dedicated to develop interest in and promote the 

sport of lacrosse among youth boys and girls in the Gallatin Valley. GVL will organize and 

administer teams, practices, games, special events, and community outreach to encourage 

participation, provide instruction and build appreciation for lacrosse. 

Core Values

These values are the foundational elements of Bozeman Lacrosse and why our organization 

exists. These are the principles and beliefs that guide this organization,

parents, coaches, officials, players, and board of directors.  


Through participation in the game of lacrosse, we strive to instill these life skills:


Demonstrate fairness and respect for all lacrosse participants 

(teammates, opponents, officials, parents, and coaches).

Show graciousness and humility in winning and losing.


Behave with the highest moral standards that show you fully appreciate the 

privilege of playing lacrosse with grace and humility.


Conduct yourself in a consistent, ethical way on and off the field 

while always upholding the highest values.


Act in a way that shows you are aware of and fully value the participants, rules 

and spirit of the game.  Hold lacrosse’s traditions in the highest regard.


Commit to placing the team above individual achievement and acknowledge 

that each person, teammate and opponent, is part of the same game.


We look forward to meeting your youth player and watching them thrive through this fast growing sport! Learn how to register your player here.