Bozeman Lacrosse League. Boys and Girls Lacrosse Montana.

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WHY Bozeman Lacrosse:


We have a lot to offer your youth player in learning how to become a team player, what it takes to improve his/her agility and strength while building upon skills specific to playing lacrosse.  We believe that these elements of the game help children grow into healthy and confident young adults.


Bozeman Lacrosse has curated the most experienced and talented coaches in Montana! Our current coaches have played for top-tier NCAA Division I, II & III programs including the University of Denver, Boston College, Bates College, Davidson College, Salisbury University, Wingate College, Cortland State, Swarthmore College, University of Vermont, Limestone, Colorado College and Colgate College as well as MCLA/NCLL colleges Montana State, Colorado State and Cornell.



We bring professional and college athletes in for camps and clinics to

train and teach our programs, including Mike Powell, Ryan Powell, Blaze Riordan, Brad

Carr and Jason Coffman. NCAA athletes have mentored and provided skills training

hailing from Syracuse, Brown, UMass, Albany, Salisbury, Binghamton, Lindenwood and




Our program director, Chris Kelley, is responsible for directing all player

development programs and providing guidance both operationally and instructionally.

Coach Kelley has been involved with lacrosse as one of the original founders. His passion for the game shines through every player he coaches, and every task he completes.

Bozeman Lacrosse is gearing up for 2018 and we are excited to continue to thrive with some great new additions to the board and coaching staff, who are ready to enhance the Bozeman Lacrosse Program. Through their leadership, we are confident this will be the best season yet.



Being apart of a team can sprout meaningful friendships and we want to help them grow. The opportunity to be apart of a social community (team) can improve any child’s emotional growth. We strive to create a fun, safe and friendly environment for your athlete to participate in!



We promise to continue to lead by example while wearing our hearts on our sleeves. We believe transparency is key in order to continue to grow in our community. We welcome feedback, thoughts and volunteers to our steering committees in order to keep you, the parent in the loop. We value honesty and openness and strive to share that with you.